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This is the first time I have ever had a blog in my life… please forgive me if it’s boring any possible readers to death.  I think in all honesty if no one reads this blog it’s understandable.. but I can see this being a good way for me to get out my thoughts opinions and feelings without feeling judged or criticized. I can stay anonymous…


2013 holds great things for me… I hope.  2012 was one of the hardest years of my life to date.  Not only did I learn of 2 separate friends suicide attempts.. but I witnessed my dad relapsing on crack cocaine for the umpteenth time in his life.

From the outside I know my life can seem rosy and perfect.. and believe me I know everyone has their problems in life but I think I am having an incredibly difficult time dealing with my own problems.  I love helping people with theirs and I’ll sit, listen, comfort, console and be there for everyone else when they have problems.. but when it comes to my own I have no idea how to deal with them and move on.  I have never been able to let anything go.. almost as if I am asking to be unhappy….

This blog will probably be filled with tales from childhood, weight loss attempts, stories, poems, pictures and thoughts be opinions

Hopefully this blogging thing can be a good source of comfort, solace and therapy for me by getting all my words and feelings out of my mind….



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